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Solo projects

Yamen Martini’s versatile and improvisation-rich style has shined on stages across the Middle East and Europe. He successfully blends eastern and western music and transcends the limitations of music genres, performing solo as well as a guest of both large and small formations. A frequent participant of music jams and festivals, his musical expression defies limitations.


Realised thanks to the support of the Province of Liège, Coming from the Middle East, is only one example of the depth of Yamen’s compositions. It consists of a set of improvisations recorded at one take.

Vocals, bolon: Mangué Camara Coka
Nyckelharpa, bouzouki: Mathieu Lacrosse
Flute, piano: Jean-François Hustin
Bouzouki, guitar: Philippe Corthouts

Artistic realization: Philippe Corthouts
Mixing and mastering:
 Jean-François Hustin, Philippe Corthouts


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Photo by Bernadette Van de Velde
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With a name based on the transliteration of ﻉ‎, the eighteenth letter of the Arabic alphabet and one of the most difficult vowels to pronounce, 3’Ain brings to the audience contemporary jazz and world music with oriental influences.

Yamen Martini (trumpet) Otto Kint (upright bass) and Piet Maris (accordion) joined forces for this trio that has quickly found its steady fan base.

In May 2020 3’Ain released its debut EP, consisting of five compositions, available here. The trio has been also performing across Belgium extensively. 




Photo by Thomas Geuens
Photo by Thomas Geuens
Photo by Lieve Boussauw
Photo by Thomas Geuens

“Almost every note evokes an image in itself. All very stylized like the soundtracks of the Greek Eleni Karaindrou for the films of Theo Angelopoulos. Music without excessive decibels or hip electronic effects – but with a sincere gut feeling.”

– Georges Tonla Briquet, Jazzenzo Jazzmagazine


Comartinuts is a duo of DJ Coconuts (Hans Vandemaele) and Yamen Martini presenting a shared travel experience through music. Born in 2022, the project combines musical influences from east to west, creating an unexpected mix that makes you transgress to an experimental world.

Building on a great predilection for non-Western sounds and rhythms, DJ Coconuts has been a world groove DJ since 1990, programmed at festivals such as sfinks, Couleur café, legs work or afro. Together with Yamen Martini they expand on their experimental journey which they invite you to join.

Comartinuts has performed across Belgium at events such as Yalla Dabke or Regards sur la Palestine – and has more in the pipeline. Stay tuned!   

Photo by Henry Ghammache
Photo by Henry Ghammache

Jaune Toujurs

 Here’s a cult band that – with its explosive, urban mix of music genres, rhythms, languages and cultures – has evolved into a high quality brand, appreciated by both the international press and audiences all over. Add to that the typically Belgian pinch of self-derision and understatement and the result is a band with the energy of rock (without guitars!), the improvised twist of jazz, the open-minded approach of world music and the eagerness of a street band.

Well-rooted in their hometown Brussels Jaune Toujurs’ unique identity is yet enforced by their poetic and socially committed lyrics, celebrating the cultural melting pot of our modern day world. The optimistic undertone convincingly states that another world is possible, raising a fist rather than a middle finger. The band’s many live concerts have made them disciplined musicians, yet always ready to improvise. Jaune Toujours gigs are lively and festive, but avoid clichés and never lose musicality. Jaune Toujurs creates a musical universe that is rich, diverse, honest, modern and unique.

Yamen Martini joined Jaune Toujours for the recording of Europeana (2018) – and the following tour – alongside guests like Patrick Kabré (backing vocals), Jo Zanders (likembe), or Vincent Heirman (trombone).

“Europeana is the band’s invented equivalent of Americana – and it sounds a lot more fun. Lyrics are in French, Flemish and English, sometimes in one song, but musical influences range much wider on Ska-Man, with its Jamaican touches and Balkan Khan with its snakey clarinet.”

– Simon Broughton, London Evening Standard


Take a dozen crazy music lovers, add about thirty instruments and a touch of magic – and you will get an atypical world fusion big band.

A percussion group at the start, U-percut formation has gradually been enriched over the meetings, integrating new personalities – each bringing their own influences. The result blends a multitude of styles, offering a unique instrumental performance: Malian blues, funk, Arab-Andalusian music, Celtic music, Latin jazz or Mauritanian rock are the main trends expressed by this heterogeneous formation.
Encountering U-percut is more than a more than a concert: it is a meeting…

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